Dryer Repair

While you can always dry your clothes out on a line in your yard, the convenience of a dryer makes that an obsolete method. Since 1970, the clothes dryer has been a regular household appliance that has become somewhat indispensable.


Since it has become a necessity in the home, when it acts up or breaks it is more than just an inconvenience. That’s why you should call James’ Appliance Company. We are the #1 appliance company in Davis, CA. We are equipped with well trained technicians with vast amounts of experience in repairing most leading brands of dryers. When you reach out to us, we will send out a tech on the same day to get your dryer running properly once more.


Why Did It Break?     


There are a number of reasons as to why your dryer may be acting up or has broken down. You may have a failing drum seal, blown thermal fuse, broken thermostat, or a malfunctioning heating element. You may also find that the support rollers for the drum might have worn out, as well as the belt. Your motor could have seized, and in the case of gas dryers, the ignitor might be acting up.


Most of the time, a live voltage test is required to diagnose a dryer issue. However, it isn’t a ‘do-it-yourself’ type of job. This test requires a trained professional with experience in appliance repair.


Troubleshooting and Repairing Common Issues

Dryer Not Turning On


Normally, if you find your dryer isn’t turning on, it means that there is a disruption in the power supply. This is caused either by a frayed wire, damaged switch, or even a defective outlet. If it isn’t one of these common problems, it could be a blown fuse or a tripped breaker, which would cut the power. Check your fuse box for a flipped breaker. However, if it is a continuous problem, it may mean an underlying issue of a short. Which we can fix.


One issue could be a broken terminal block. This is an easy fix for us, as we would just install a new one. Troubleshooting does require a live voltage test. If it isn’t the terminal block, the blame may fall on the start switch, thermostat, or the door.


Dryer Making A Loud Shrill or Humming Sound


Most causes for a noisy dryer are replaceable. If you find your dryer being loud, it could be that a component has worn out over time and use. Either the drum’s glides, support roller, or blower wheel could be the underlying issue.


Dryer Doesn’t Heat


Poor airflow is the number one reason why a dryer won’t heat. An easy solution to this issue is to vacuum out the air duct. However, if that doesn’t fix it, then you may find the problem being a thermal fuse. This fuse keeps the dryer from getting too hot, and it may have cut the heat completely after being tripped. We can replace that fuse with ease.


If it isn’t one of the aforementioned problems, you could be a facing a broken heating element. This would need to be replaced in order for the dryer to run properly. Other common issues to this problem are a bad temperature switch, timer, or thermostat.


When Should I Consider Replacement?


With the right maintenance, the average life of your common dryer is about 13 years. After this time, you could find yourself having more serious problems. Our experienced techs are able to properly troubleshoot and locate the problems with your dryer, and if they feel it is more costly to keep than it is replace, they will let you know. It is our goal to keep your dryer running correctly, and replace it if we can’t.


Regardless of the issue with your dryer, we can help you. With quality service that is both reliable and affordable, we promise that we can do it quicker than anyone else. Contact us today!