Freezer Repair

Freezer failures can cause you to lose more than just a freezer. Often times you have hundreds, if not thousands of dollars’ worth of food stored away with nowhere to put it in the time of a malfunction. If you find yourself with a freezer that isn’t as cool as it once was, then it’s time to call James’ Appliance Company. We will have your freezer running in no time, with the fastest service in the Davis, CA area. If you find that your freezer is failing you, we won’t.


Why Did It Break?


There are a few reasons as to why your freezer is malfunctioning. For starters, there may be a blockage in your defrost drainage hose, or there may be a faulty evaporator fan. Also, the doors seals could be damaged or frayed. If it isn’t one of those issues, it could be the relay that powers the compressor, the compressor itself, or even the thermostat.


Regardless of what the problem may be, DIY repairs aren’t the ideal way to go unless you have years of experience backing you up. You could risk serious safety and electrical hazards by trying to fix it yourself, as well as causing more problems than you set out to solve. However, we can help you with your freezer repair, with our team of trained and qualified appliance repair techs.


Self-repairs often end in either causing more problems, or injury. Not just injury to self, but those around you as well. So, a trial and error fixing session aren’t advised to anyone. That’s why it is so important to call us, we have professionals on standby for speedy, quality repairs. You save more by investing into a repairman than you would doing it yourself. Most importantly, you save yourself a headache too.


Troubleshooting and Repairing Common Issues


Clicking Freezer


The sound that your freezer should be making is a low humming. However, if it turns on and is making audible clicking noises, you may have a faulty start relay or compressor. The clicking noise would be easily recognized.


A starting relay is required to power the compressor. If it has burnt out, you need to replace it soon or you will face a new mess of problems. If it isn’t supplying continuous power, you may need to replace the evaporator fan motor, or the compressor mounts could have worn out as well. Therefore, a swift repair is vital to the wellbeing of your freezer, and wallet.


The Freezer Isn’t Cold/Doesn’t Run


If you find that your freezer isn’t turning on, and it is plugged in properly, then you have a disruption in the power supply. First thing to do is to check your breaker box/fuse box. If that isn’t the underlying problem, then you need to give us a call.


If you find that the freezer is on, but not cold enough, then you might have restricted airflow in the vents, the evaporator fan may be malfunctioning, or there could be a debris blockage in the condenser coils. All these problems, we can fix.


Leaking Freezer


A leaking freezer, be it inside the freezer or on the floor, is commonly caused by a drain tube clog or damaged water inlet valve.


When Should I Consider Replacement?


In comparison to other household appliances, freezers tend to have a relatively long life. That being said, if you find your freezer to be older than 15 years with reoccurring issues, maybe it is time to consider purchasing a new one. Our team can help you go through your options and find the perfect freezer for your needs. Also, we are able to help you get it set up while being rid of your old unit.


Keep your cool, call us for your freezer repair.