Oven Repair

Have you ever been in a situation where you prepared cake batter or thawed out food for dinner, go to put it in and the door suddenly won’t close? Perhaps it’s not getting hot enough, or even worse, isn’t turning on at all? It’s unfortunate, but James’ Appliance Company has you covered, simply call us up and we’ll have one of our skilled technicians sent to you right away.

With years of experience in repairing all major brands and models of ovens and stoves, we can have you back to backing in no time.

Why Did It Break?

Many things could break on an oven and prevent it from working properly. It could have a faulty igniting circuitry, pilot light on a gas stove could’ve went out, or in the case of a stuck door it may need repaired. It could be a simple worn out gasket or thermostat.

DIY repairs can have their time and place, but when repairing appliances such as ovens or stoves it is best to have a professional handle them. Of course, a minor repair such as a lose door could be safe to fix yourself, but we recommend having a professional tackle the larger repairs. It can get expensive to replace the wrong part or possibly break other elements.

The reason most people attempt oven repairs is simple, they think it will be cheaper. However, this usually isn’t the case. Due to lack of experience and knowledge about their brand and model, it actually costs more on average. Also, there is the factor of time and stress that goes into getting it done.

Finally, safety is another major concern. When repairing electrical stoves and ovens, electrocution is a major concern. Statistics show appliance repairs have been responsible for almost 20% of all electrical deaths in the United States. Additionally, a gas stove or oven has its own risks.

These are reasons why it is important to know what you can and cannot repair yourself. For the larger jobs, James’ Appliance Company is here to ensure your family’s safety. We take precautions and apply industry standards.

Troubleshooting and Repairing Common Issues

Oven Door Issues

If you find that your oven door suddenly does not want to shut or open, it could be the runner or hinges. They may just need switched out or realigned. However, if the hinges aren’t an issue, it may be a door seal that’s worn out over time.

Do you have a self-cleaning oven? It’s a neat feature, but also means it could be the latches preventing the door from opening. If this occurs, it prevents the cleaning cycle from finishing.

Not Heating Up

If you go to use the oven and it doesn’t get hot, the first thing is to check on a gas stove or oven is that the pilot light is on. If it’s electric, check the breaker box. If you ruled these out, it’s likely a faulty heating element which will need replacing.

Although, there are situations that are not as easy to figure out. For instance, when the heating element works, but the grill doesn’t. It may be a thermal fuse that blew as well. No matter the symptoms, it will need to be diagnosed by an experienced technician to ensure the wrong part is not replaced by mistake.


Your oven can overheat when the thermostat has gone out or the sensors were damaged. This can cause food to burn when it otherwise wouldn’t. If you encounter this issue, call a professional. You should never attempt to make these types of repairs without experience.

When Should I Consider Replacement?

No matter the type of oven you may have, the average lifespan is less than 10 years. Therefore, if your oven is getting near the decade mark, we will often recommend simply replacing the entire appliance to avoid frequent repairs, which can become costly. We aim to provide customers the most economical and cost-efficient options available. From repairs to installation, James’ Appliance Company is here to help. Give us a call today!