Refrigerator Repair

Having a device that keeps our food and beverages nice and cold is something most of us take for granted, until the refrigerator decides to act up. If you are in or around Davis, California and you’ve discovered your fridge is not properly, or the freezer isn’t keeping things froze, don’t panic. James’ Appliance Company will quickly help your food get cold again.

Common Problems

Refrigerator repairs can be caused by many things, but the following are some of the most common issues that we come across:

  • Freezer not cooling properly
  • Weird noises
  • Frost built up
  • Leaking water around unit
  • Overflowing ice machine
  • Refrigerator not cooling or freezing food
  • Water or ice dispenser not working

With some DIY troubleshooting, some of these can be a simple fix without hiring a repair technician. Of course, we are happy to assist with any of them you cannot do on your own. We strive to provide quick and affordable services.

Tips for Troubleshooting Refrigerator

The average temperature for a fridge should be around 35 degrees, if it’s too much above this it won’t keep food, below it will freeze. Here’s how to troubleshoot some common issues.

It’s Too Cold

If you find your food is freezing, the first thing to do is ensure the temperature setting did not get changed (kids, clumsy spouse, etc.). Sometimes this knob gets bumped and turned up. If your settings have not changed, it’s most likely a circuit board or temperature control thermostat that has gone out.

It’s Too Warm

Like above, check your knob first. Also check airflow through the fridge and freezer. One sign is frozen food in the back, but thawed items in front. In this case, the airflow is probably blocked due to overpacking or blocked vents.

However, when ruling that out it could be a number of things that may have malfunctioned. Although, the most frequent issue is a diffuser or damper needs replaced. If the damper has went out, it can result in food thawing out (in some cases, freezing it).

It Leaks

If you wake up to find your fridge has started leaking somewhere, the first step is to check any hoses, filters, etc. to make sure they are still tight. It could simply be that they got loosened up or a seal has started deteriorating. Additionally, the defrost drains may be clogged. If these do not correct the leaking, internal components may be damaged.

Making Noises

A very noticeable issue, but common. If you find your refrigerator is making weird noises, it is likely a fan motor that needs replacing. A sign of a failing fan motor is inconsistent cooling. While the fridge could be warm, the freezer may still be cool (not necessarily freezing).

Water or Ice Machine Stopped Working

There are a few things this could be caused by, including low water pressure or the dispenser being plugged up. If water flow seems normal in the house and you do not hear a grinding noise, call us. We will guide you through some other issues to rule out and if needed, send out a technician.

When to Think About Replacement?

If you have a newer model that’s only having one of the issues above, repairs may be the cost-efficient way to go. However, if your fridge is acting up with multiple issues from above, it might be time to update it. With the correct care, refrigerators can last nearly two decades, but they’re not designed to last over 10 years. At this stage, you will often begin experiencing various parts fail. In older models, a replacement part and labor can cost more than a new fridge.

When you call James’ Appliance Company, we are always honest with you if we believe replacing the whole refrigerator or other appliance would be more cost efficient than repairs. We never simply fix an existing issue while knowing you will need another repair in the near future.

Choosing James’ Appliance Company in Davis, CA

From minor issues to major repairs, if your refrigerator is being weird, give us a call. There’s a reason we are considered the top appliance repair company in Davis!